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Find Your Fit!

During your initial visit, we work with you to learn your health and wellness goals. Are you suffering from chronic migraines, looking to improve athletic performance, wake up with a kink in your neck, or are you looking to reduce stress? By asking specific questions our therapists are able to help determine which type of massage technique will work best for your specific situation. The overall goal is to increase range of motion within joints, decrease muscle restrictions, reduce chronic pain, and allow you body to begin it’s own healing process.

A common massage misconception is, “No pain, no gain” – implying if the massage doesn’t hurt, it won’t help. Nothing is further from the truth! During your session, your massage therapist will communicate with you to avoid possible painful situations and provide the greatest healing benefits. There is a difference between “Deep Tissue” and “Therapeutic Massage”. Imagine that there is a boat sitting on a shore. If you were to run at the boat as fast as you could to ‘push’ the boat into the water, it may only move a small amount. Now if you were to apply constant and steady pressure, the boat would easily glide into the water with out you damaging the boat or yourself.

We choose to use constant controlled pressure to ease the muscles into relaxation. This isn’t to say that there are not times where massage can be uncomfortable, but our goal is not to see how tough you are. Sure we could hurt you, but what’s the point? We would rather help you feel better vs. beat up.

Though we do our best to accommodate same day appointments, we are often times booked in advanced. Because we are “By Appointment Only”, walk-ins are not recommend. Please feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns that you may have about receiving massage.

How Much Time Should You Schedule

We recommend that if you have minor aches and pains, are looking for just one area to have worked on, sports massage before an event, or are already on a maintenance program with us, then 60 minutes would work for you. With the 60 minute massage session your therapist will ask you which areas you would like to have worked on or what you are specifically looking for. If you have just woken with a “kink” in your neck, then yes, 60 minutes generally works just fine. If you have multiple areas of concern, your therapist will do their best to help correct those areas, but this is when it becomes uncomfortable. When the soft tissue does not have time to warm up, there is more resistance; ie. pain. Things you can do before your session is to take a hot shower or perform Active Isolated Stretching to help loosen muscles.

Many people are concerned that 90 minute massage sessions mean MORE PAIN. In fact, it is just the opposite. With a 90 minute session your therapist will have more time to evaluate what is causing pain, warm the soft tissue; ie. your muscles, help re-educate soft tissue to prevent re-injury, and work on more than one area of concern. The longer session allows for the therapist to do more specific work as well as muscle re-education which is moving the joint through all ranges of movement. With the addition of the muscle re-education, many clients report back that they are able to keep pain free movement for longer periods of time. 90 minutes works best for those in chronic pain by allowing the therapist to work in a slower while allowing the muscles to ease into the session, migraines, those that have sedimentary jobs, repetitive use injuries, as well as athletes.

Essentially Massage

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