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Make the most of your appointment time

Recently we had a new client that was upset their massage session only lasted 50 minutes. They made the effort to notice what time their session started and ended. Yet, they didn’t make the effort to show up on time.
Not only is it frustrating for clients that don’t receive full time they expect, it throws us off as therapists. We have a game plan on how to get the most work done on your injuries in space allowed. The 60 minutes that we allot for treatment is so important that Essentially Massage sends two separate reminders via text or email, tell clients on the phone, and have it posted on the website!!! Anything more than that would be considered nagging.

This is by no means an attempt to shame anyone, just a friendly reminder that your time is important and we value it. We also value the next client that DOES show up on time. We schedule 30 minutes between sessions, not to make up time you missed, but to prepare for the next client, eat, use the restroom, return phone calls, and stretch. We do understand there is traffic, bad weather, faulty GPS, and missing keys. For those things, we try to give a little wiggle room. However, when someone saunters in 5 minutes after the appointment time, needs to fill out paperwork, and has a medical condition that needs discussing…don’t get mad at us when your 60 minute session ends on time.

Essentially Massage has a cancellation and NO SHOW policy. PLEASE don’t make us use it. That is just no fun for any of us.


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