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Getting On My Soap Box – Multi Level Marketing

Soap BoxWhat’s the point of having a soap box can’t jump on it every now and again? Each week a client comes in to relay a tale about a personal experience that have had with someone selling a multi level marketing product. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are some AMAZING products out there that are not sold in stores. It’s the people selling those products that are the biggest problem.

Just last night a regular client came in to tell me about a home party that her and her mother attended this weekend. The pitch? How essential oils can replace basically everything you use in your home including prescribed medications. For simplicity sake, let’s call mom Sophia. Sophia is an 80 year old woman that told the presenter that the essential oils being passed around were causing her to have a headache and none of them smelled appealing. His automatic response was, “Well, that just means that your body needs those oils to feel better.” WHAT?! How stupid is that logic? Your nose is doing it wrong. Spoiled sour milk? Not to worry. Go ahead and drink it. That’s your bodies way of telling you it’s good for you. Smell natural gas in the house? Go ahead light a few candles or flip the light switches. No need to call the gas company to report a leak. That rotten egg smell is there to tell you it’s for your health.

The olfactory system, ie. your nose, is there to warm you of potential dangers or things that are good for you. Having taken multiple aromatherapy courses, our noses tell us what our body needs and doesn’t. My favorite scent is patchouli and oranges. For me it makes me feel happy. For others the smell repulses them. There are oils we used in the clinic to help reduce stress. Normally, these oils don’t smell great to me, but on those stressful days; those same oils smell magical.

The second golden nugget this under educated sales rep dispersed was telling a woman that had had a recent stroke that she should get off of her prescribed medications and begin using essential oils instead. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Since when do people with zero medical training have the right to administer medical advice? Oh wait they don’t!

As manual therapists, we are not allowed, nor should we under any circumstances administer medical advice. RN’s are not even supposed to diagnose or prescribe, yet too many MLM sellers feel they have the power to do so. For ourselves and nurses we could loose our ability to practice. But these MLM people have very minimal repercussions. All to often their training consists of attending a conference where they are told how to make more money, hear how others have mad loads of money, and a few minutes on the actual products.

Please understand that we have Doterra, Young Living, and Melaleuca products that we use in the clinic. Do we sell them at the clinic? Not really. If there’s an oil you like, sure we’ll add it to our order. If you have questions about your prescriptions drugs, you’ll be referred back to your doctor or pharmacist. If you are at a home party and the sales person gives you medical advice, get up and leave.

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