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4 Valid Reasons You Should Get Massage Regularly

The term “Treat Yourself” to massage need not apply here at Essentially Massage. Often times, massage is viewed as a reward, splurge, or luxury for special occasions. Here we view it as part of your wellness plan. Clients will ask how frequently I myself receive massage. My response to them is that it depends. Last year following a car accident, I needed to be seen once a week for several weeks. If I am eating well, exercising and doing my corrective exercises, then it can be once every other month.

When we change the spark plugs, oil, or get a new timing belt on our vehicle we don’t view that at as “Luxury” but as a necessity. Yet when it comes to our bodies and health, we take the view of “I’m not worth it” type attitude. You only get one you! Take care of yourself.

Listen; I know how difficult it can be to make time for yourself as well as putting your needs above others. Even as I book a massage for myself I am questioning whether or not I really need it. Want to know the worst part? I am the owner of a massage clinic AND a massage therapist.

For me it isn’t so much the financial aspect, but the aspect of me taking time away from other people getting their massage in. My logic is that if I am getting a massage from Katie or Pam, then that means that someone else that could be in more pain than myself can’t come in at that time for a massage. How weird is that? So I get it. There is always some reason to not have regular massage.

With that being said, here are the five valid reasons you should book your next therapeutic massage session in the near future.

  1. You Are Worth It

Give yourself permission to believe you are worth being cared for. Many of us that are care givers do not give ourselves permission to put ourselves ahead of others, yet if we can’t care for ourselves then how can we care for others? You are worth it.

  1. Massage Can Address Past Injuries

You arrive complaining of low back, hip and knee problems, then your therapist goes straight for your ankle. Then the therapist asks how long ago the ankle sprain happened. Yup, that scar tissue is still there some 30 odd years ago. Advanced Massage Therapy techniques can help with those old injuries as well as the new.

  1. Encourages Relaxation and Stress Reduction

When we experience pain; our blood pressure increases. Though we do not offer traditional relaxation massage, your body will begin to feel more relaxed as pain is decreased. Relaxation, improved range of motion and blood pressure are just a few of the positive side effects of Advanced Therapeutic Massage.

  1. Regular Massage Can Allow You to Be More Active in Your Life

People suffering from chronic pain often times become withdrawn and are unable to participate at social events. Many clients with chronic pain find that when they begin receiving regular massage they are able to return to social engagements. Massage can help break that vicious pain cycle and allow people to gain the confidence of pain free movement.

Remember that we need to care for our bodies in the same way we care for our possessions. Schedule a session with one of our therapists and start taking care of you.

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