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Spring Cleaning for the Liver

juicingRather than use the word “Detox” for a liver cleanse, let us think about giving our hard working livers a little Spring Break. Since the kidneys and liver do so much work in filter all the toxins that come into our bodies, it is inevitable that not all of those toxins are able to leave the body entirely. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is under more stress during seasonal changes.

If you are suddenly noticing that you are more tired, needing more caffeine, or becoming irritable, may be try doing a juicing cleanse for 3-4 days. If that seems like too big of a task, juice once a day for a week. The point is to feed the liver foods that will help it detoxify.

Spring is the season where our livers tend to be stressed. It can be beneficial to all of us to do a little spring cleaning of the liver. There are foods that can help rejuvenate the liver and gall bladder. For those of us that lack a gall bladder, this can be very helpful as well since we have no way to store excess bile. We can really feel the benefits of eating these cleansing foods for 3-4 days.
If you do not own a juicer, try making refreshing smoothies or adding more of these ingredients into your normal diet.

Don’t be scared of the beet. They are sweet and tasty while adding a wonderful depth of flavor to your juices.

Juice Recipes for Liver Cleanse

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